Mussels and Clams on the Grill


I was thinking about clams yesterday as I discovered that you can buy 10 clams for $6 or 100 for $40 directly from a local fisherman at the Greenwich farmers market. Personally, I like them served over spaghetti al dente with garlic, olive oil, a dash of white wine and, perhaps, a few pepperoncini flakes. Eating doesn’t get much better than this classic Italian dish.

Since pasta has been removed from my diet by the carbs police (aka Sheila), Melissa Clark provides a useful alternative although I prefer mussels and clams to be cooked separately.  If you can keep the carbs police occupied in the kitchen making some healthy vegetable dish while you grill, you can secretly dip your hidden focaccia bread or baguette in the briny syrup as the clams and mussels open.  Lovely.