D-Day: Pictorial History

Educated readers from the other side of the pond will often send suggestions to raise the publishing standards of GourMay. As Shakespeare and W.C. Fields would say it is simply a “fool’s errand.” (Editor’s Note: Actually neither one of them was reported to say such a thing, but it certainly sounds like they should have).

While our politicians are posturing themselves to be “on the right side of history” based on scientific heat map polling from trending Twitter feeds, one reader sent me this fascinating “then and now” pictorial of D-Day locales from “The Atlantic.

When you click on individual pictures, the scenery will switch to how the same spot looks today.

Take a few moments to reflect on the sacrifice made by so many so that we could enjoy a day at the beach.

For those who are truly into “Universal Love” rather than “selfies,” I give you a link to Hubble Advent Calendar courtesy of The Atlantic. The image below is December 1.


President Obama Honors Fallen Americans at D-Day Ceremony

The late President Gerald Ford (aka “can’t walk and chew gum at the same time”) may be looked upon in a different light by presidential historians after President “Executive Decree” Obama finishes his term.   What better way to celebrate the exchange of 5 murdering terrorist thugs for an American soldier prone to “walkabouts” than a tribute to military war heroes on D-Day who sacrificed their lives on the beaches of northern France to liberate Europe during WWII?

President Obama (shown above but censored by the NSA) is on a covert operation trying to hide his chewing gum during an eloquent speech by French Prime Minister François Hollande to commemorate D-Day. Granted, Prime Minister Hollande has a lower approval rating than President Obama for “affairs of the heart,” but it does seem disrespectful to chew gum on such a historic occasion.

Not one to let a wad of Presidential chewing gum stick to the sole of his shoe, Gourmay’s intrepid international correspondent immediately contacted the White House for an explanation. Two “off-the-record” explanations have emerged:

  • President Obama has a “smoking problem” and First Lady Michelle has recommended nicotine gum and the patch.   When learning that he would have to sit through several tributes spoken in a foreign language, President Obama promptly had a nicotine fit and wisely chose the gum over a Marlboro.
  • The second version – which I prefer – is that President Obama was celebrating the “liberation of Europe,” by chewing Juicy Fruit gum (Editor’s Note:  Do we still make it?) in honor of American G.I.’s who would freely dispense chewing gum, hershey bars and un-filtered Camel cigarettes to the French who hadn’t had a decent meal or a Gauloises since the Germans invaded.

Lest us “common folks” think that President Obama was simply on vacation at taxpayer expense, GourMay has learned that President Obama – reenergized from the public accolades he has received on the Bergdahl exchange – is now considering another public relations’ initiative:  The Removal of All Crosses from U.S. Overseas Military Cemeteries.

I doubt he will run this by the Senate Intelligence Committee either, but who needs it when it is easier to rule by Executive Decree. (Editor’s Note: The Senate Intelligence Committee is simply an oxymoron as it requires a quorum to raise the combined Committee IQ to a higher level than that of a High School dropout.)