Beans, Greens and Cornbread

Found below is a video promoting the sale of the Blackberry Farm Cookbook. For those not familiar with this southern treasure, Blackberry Farm is located in the foothills the Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee and is a luxury resort famous for their traditional southern cooking.

The video below demonstrates how easy it is to make a very traditional southern dish of beans, greens and cornbread. Clearly, any food preparation that uses Benton’s Bacon and heirloom grains from Anson Mills will most certainly get my vote.

Doesn’t get much better than this on a cold winter’s day!

Ruth Reichl and Blackberry Farm

Breaking bread or better yet – sharing a meal – with good friends and relatives is probably one of the most satisfying experiences in life. (Note to Langston: Tailgating at a Vanderbilt football game is not considered “dining” – it is simply an adolescent “happening.”)

As I get into the story of food, it is reassuring to find so many connected themes that resonate with both the palate and with many other far more courageous people that continue along the path of culinary enlightenment. I realize that it may not be considered intellectually challenging, but it certainly is most fulfilling.

As Gourmay’s muse, Mary Frances Fisher, suggested “food is just a metaphor for life.” This metaphor is reconfirmed each day as I sample Benton’s bacon, Mecham ham, Anson Mills’ Carolina Gold Rice, Marcella’s Milk Pork, Daniel Boulud’s creative Mediterranean fare, Spanish paella, Peruvian fish and chicken and Baguette Lady’s attempt to uncover the mysteries of baking. Let’s face it, there is a simplicity and beauty in the preparation of food that connects us to our forefathers and mamacitas more strongly than any genealogy table.

Found below is a brief appearance by Ruth Reichl, the last editor of Gourmet Magazine, on Blackberry Farm in Tennessee, which should be on anyone’s “worth a detour” list to taste authentic cooking of the south.

Blackberry Farm has been added to my bucket list now that I got my “hole-in-one!”