Talk to the Animals: Can you really eat your best friend?

As some of you may know, I am now writing The Incomplete and Apocryphal Stories of Talking Squirrel which entertained Abigail and Miranda when they were growing up in London.  Printing may be delayed because I am in heavy duty contract negotiations with two of three protagonists on licensing rights (not the Squirrel, who has retired).  

Now when I was growing up, talking to the animals was a big deal unless you were Rex Harrison, who seemed more comfortable chatting with animals than people in his quaint little village in the Cotswolds.   I feel the same way, but talking to animals is frowned upon in Greenwich.  

Unfortunately, talking to the animals is no big deal these days with the new Google App for the Droid.

How fortunate we are to being living at such a time. Wouldn’t it be great if Google could come up with an App that could explain what politicians are saying.

I would like to thank Abigail “Drama Queen” for giving me a head’s up on this breaking new technology.   I wonder if this makes my story obsolete.