Dining with Lobbyists and Politicians

I realize that they don’t teach political dining etiquette in civics class, but doesn’t this useful video explain how our government actually works?  Isn’t it naive to believe that the dreadful political leaders who got us into this mess in the first place are the same ones capable enough to figure a way out?    When common sense and an open mind are needed to stimulate effective governance, all I see is finger-pointing and intolerance.    It certainly doesn’t inspire a great deal of confidence.

As in nature, politics abhors a vacuum in leadership.  I do hope that the “enlightened” leadership that emerges will not be as polarizing and destructive as the many historical despots that preceded them who faced similar political, economic and social despair.

Could someone please pass the lobster tails? The video has made me hungry.

For those into civil disobedience and activism, consider this position:

“Hope” arrives 13 minutes into the video. Has the “real” revolution actually started?