Marcella Hazan’s Veal Shank: April Bloomfield as Sous Chef

The late Marcella Hazan introduced authentic Italian cooking into the United States. Found below is a delightful video featuring April Bloomfield (Spotted Pig fame) with 90-year old Marcella – who hasn’t lost any of her feistiness – making Marcell’a veal shank:

Quite amusing to see how Marcella still has the verve to scold a world-class chef on her techniques in cutting an onion and how to slice the veal.

P.S. – It is the first video in the PLAYLIST sequence (top left corner dropdown if you need to adjust).


  1. Tom Conigliaro says:

    Most “foodies” are familar with Marcella Hazens’ best selling :”The Classic italian Cookbook”

    IMO her 1997 cookbook “Marcella Cucina” is the real gem!!!
    If you look at any cook book you will rarely find a recipie for Savoy cabbage,recipes with cooking with cranberries, and rabbit recipies.This book is loaded with recipes with the above catergories(which happen to be some of my favorite ingredients)
    This cookbook has ,by far,more “keeper” recipies than any other cook book I own

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