Canada Goose Breasts in the Slow Cooker

The Canada Goose is a pest – at least, in my estimation.  These dirty birds have taken over most public parks along the eastern seaboard and, despite efforts to curb breeding, great ganders of geese migrate north and south with their characteristic frenetic chatter.

I have been advised by Lord Cheseline of Maidenlot Farm in Chestertown, Maryland that the Canada Goose does not have a lower intestine.  I suspect that what this means is that whatever the Goose eats is quickly processed and deposited in a rather greenish/grayish pellet on lawns and parks across the United States waiting for unsuspecting humans and dogs to discover something else to complain about.

Lord Cheseline Planning a Large Party for his Neighbors

On a recent visit to Maryland, I recently discovered a rather novel way to deal with this Maltusian population explosion in geese:  shoot them.   This is not indiscriminate shooting as these intrepid hunters actually eat the birds.

Seated in his heated blind along the shores of the Chester River, Lord Cheseline waits for migrant geese to land in the semi-circle of decoys carefully deployed in front of his blind.   He has recently added a well-stocked bar and wide-screen TV to help pass the time.

While pleased that Lord Cheseline and his merry band of hunters are doing their thing to reduce the geese population, I can’t imagine eating this foul fowl.  Apparently, the breasts of the Canada Goose is quite a delicacy in Maryland when prepared in the slow-cooker.  Nevertheless, one must be careful to avoid the steel shot embedded in the breasts.  Found below is a recipe for Canada Goose Breasts:

Lord Cheseline’s Canada Goose Breasts

Ingredients (Serves 4)

4 Canada goose breasts (Note to Langston:  plucked)
1 package of Lipton’s Dry Onion Soup Mix
1/2 to 1 cup of water
15 oz can of crushed tomatoes
1 cup of diced potatoes
1 cup of sliced carrots
1 cup of sliced celery
1 Tbsp dried oregano
Salt and Pepper to taste
1-2 Tbsp of oil


  • Brown goose breasts quickly in a  oiled skillet
  • Add browned breasts to slow-cooker together with dried onion soup and water.  Cook for 4 hours at low heat.
  • Add crushed tomatoes, potatoes, celery, carrots and remaining spices and cook at low heat for another 4 to 6 hours.

Serve with white or wild rice.  Enjoy.  Note to Langston:  Eat carefully and avoid the steel shot.


  1. A welcome alternative recipe from Tom “Sleeping with the Fish” C.:

    My hunting buddies and I usually harvest vs “kill”(to be PC sensitive)
    between 75-125 geese a year.

    The breast is the only thing you want to eat.
    They are quite delicious….
    The way we usually cook them is to cut them in half, marinate them in Italian dressing+ garlic powder and Montreal Steak seasoning for an hour and grill them (2-3 minutes a side)

    However,when you grill them you MUST also prepare a brown gravy..ANY BROWN SAUCE not for flavor ,but to cover up the purple tint ,that gives the grilled meat an unpleasant and very unappetizing appearance.

    My friends and also my eagle eyed mother in law have been heard to say
    after a goose breast barby:”Tom,that’s the best filet mignon I ever had”

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