Best Porchetta in Italy

I recently came across this wonderful video from Lucky Peach which shows a butcher making “the best porchetta in Italy.”  It certainly looks wonderful to me.

Whether this is “the best” porchetta in Italy is surely a matter of fierce debate, but certain elements in the preparation would lead me to vote for it in a General Election.

Sadly, Americans will not have this clear of a choice in November when we vote for the President of the United States. Orwell’s porchetta is certainly looking like a better choice as a write-in third-party candidate.

Ah, I digress . . . Found below are the essential elements to a great porchetta sandwich:

  • A young farm-raised pig.  This one is one year old.
  • Brilliant trimming.  Loved the separation of the ribs.
  • The use of expensive pepper and local salt
  • The use of fennel pollen rather than crushed fennel seed (very expensive, but makes all the difference in the world)
  • Never thought of using pepperoncini
  • Beautifully enclosed loin within the skin which is then pierced
  • Cooked for eight hours (most porchetta is cooked for about 4 hours).  Did you see that golden crackling?

Sorry this article is so short, but talking about porchetta made me hungry.

London: Postpartum Depression

Leaving London last month was most difficult.  For those who have spent anytime in this wonderful city, it feels like visiting an old friend with an exciting new adventure awaiting you at each corner.

“Pit Bull” Dan and “Peace and Joy” Miranda were kind enough to gift me some “beat” headphones used by rappers for my birthday.  I resurrected my iPod and learned how to download Podcasts into my iTunes library.

Syncing my iPod to my iTunes library proved to be a bit more complicated, but I persevered with the guidance of some Apple techies and YouTube.  (Editor’s Note:  I realize that this is rather easy for most Gourmay readers, but for those collecting social security it is a challenging experience.)

The first thing I did on my return to “Donald-Land” was to download FREE London Walks podcasts, which feature some delightful insights into the history and peculiarities of London.   Aside from the fact that these podcasts are both educational and interesting, the podcasters – Andy Hallet and Adam Scott-Golding – are very funny!

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 3.13.26 PM

If you plan to visit London anytime soon, make sure you book one or more London walks on topics or subjects of your interest.   The schedule changes regularly, so do click on this link to plan your walk.  Each walk is just under 2 hours and costs 10 pounds.  Follow instructions and meet your guide and fellow walkers at the designated time and tube stations around London.  No need to make a reservation.

To get a taste of these podcasts, I have provided naked links to some of my favorites (although they are all wonderful).   I listen to these podcasts as I pound the treadmill daily or dash through the Navy Seal Fitness program, which I perform diligently every other day.

Literary London Part II

Summary:  A delightful “walking tour” of the bookstores on Charing Cross and Cecil Court by Andy, followed by a lovely Shardlake tour, based on the incredible books by C.J. Sansom of the Dissolution of the Catholic Church under Henry VIII.

London Museums – Part III

Summary:   Some of the lesser known museums in London and a superb impromptu tour of the Tetley Tea museum and a hilarious history of British newspaper printing.

London Museums – Part I

Summary:   Delightful introduction to Museums in London, followed by an equally wonderful chat with London Walks colleague Kevin Flude, director of the Old Operating Theatre Museum.   If you want to learn about the history of medicine and surgery in the 18th and 19th century, listen now.

London Football – Part II

Summary:  Recorded around the time of last year’s World Cup in Brazil, the focus of the discussion is about Dulwich Hamlet F.C., one of the lesser known teams in London soccer.

London Transport – Part II

Summary:  Very entertaining and interesting.  Captures the personality of this vibrant city.

If you do plan to visit London anytime soon, I can think of few better things to do than book a London Walk  (Editor’s Note:  Yes, Langston there is Pub Crawl and you might want to consider taking the kids on the “Jack the Ripper” walk).

Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad

George Orwell was certainly on to something in Animal Farm when he wrote “four legs good, two legs bad.”

While Animal Farm was published in 1945, Orwell’s social commentary could easily be applied to this year’s presidential primaries.   Let’s face it, who can argue with this:

“The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

As we enter into the final stages of the epic comic showdown between Hillary and The Donald, all I can say is “let laughter reign, tears are far too late!”

animal farm

When Satanists rejected Cruz after Boehner compared him to Lucifer, I finally realized that no one can hide from any bigoted special-interest zealot.

Settle back and enjoy the theater and save your love and tears for four-legged creatures.