Gourmay World Cup Predictions

xuxaYou are probably wondering why you should listen to a cranky old man with bad knees add his two cents to the interminable handicapping of the upcoming World Cup in Brazil. The answer is quite simple: I am in cahoots with Sepp Blatter, the President of the notoriously corrupt FIFA  (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) and FIFA’s loyal Brazilian bag man, O Rei” Pele.

You might say that I am saddened by the self-serving corruption that permeates the “jogo bonito,” but why should sports be any different than politics? In fact, why would you expect anything special from Pele who was corrupted by a far younger Xuxa many moons ago?   The FIFA World Cup is about making money – lots of it –  and if you want to walk home with a bit more change in your pocket please set aside your petty “national prejudices” and enjoy yourself:   The Big Fix is In!!

With this rather dreary introduction, one is tempted to read no further, but rest assured that there are some incredible individual talents (Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Van Persie, Ribery to name just a few) and great team skills (Spain, Brazil, Germany, Argentina) on display. In fact, the World Cup is practically irresistible. I have watched every World Cup since 1966 and still vividly recall how a German referee (who didn’t speak Spanish) Red Carded the captain of the Argentine team for “swearing” to setup the FIFA mandated England Germany final. The Big Fix was In in 1966 and is still alive and well some 50 years later!

Found below are the initial groupings. Only those Groups highlighted in “Red” will be discussed as they seem to be the most interesting from the  spectator’s viewpoint.   In reality, there are only two groups –  D and G – which make for compelling viewing and handicapping.

Group A   Brazil| Croatia| Mexico| Cameroon
Group B   Spain| Netherlands| Chile| Australia
Group C   Colombia| Greece| Ivory Coast| Japan
Group D   Uruguay| Costa Rica| England| Italy
Group E   Switzerland| Ecuador| France| Honduras
Group F   Argentina| Bosnia-Herzegovina| Iran| Nigeria
Group G   Germany| Portugal| Ghana| United States
Group H   Belgium | Algeria | Russia| South Korea

Just a little hint:  Count on Brazil being in the final even though they probably shouldn’t be.  Play it smart and simply remember that “The Fix is In!!


  1. Sorry what’s the prediction? It’s rigged? We all know that!

  2. Not everyone has as much leisure time to indulge in the nuances of World Cup soccer.

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