Union Square Cafe Still Delivers

Union Square Cafe (“USC”) in New York City is one of our favorite restaurants.  While there are plenty of other restaurants in the Big Apple that will wow you with their trendy cuisine, USC delivers consistently high quality cuisine with friendly and efficient service.    Every time we drop by USC, we are treated like a long lost friend.  The quiet atmosphere and accommodating staff make for a superb dining experience.

A couple of weeks ago during the National Gift Show, we dropped into USC for an early dinner without a reservation. It’s almost impossible to get a reservation at USC so we don’t even try anymore. Nevertheless, if you are pleasant and ask politely, you generally can get a seat at the bar and often a table. This mid-August evening we were fortunate to get a table.

USC’s eclectic menu always features seasonal produce. In fact, regulars are often invited to accompany the kitchen staff on shopping expeditions to Wednesday’s market at Union Square. While there are always many tempting appetizers and entrees, I usually opt for the fried calamari which features USC’s famous anchovy sauce. This evening was no exception.

Thérèse agonized for quite some time over a beef carpaccio and a smoked duck breast carpaccio.  She eventually settled on the beef, but the staff also served us a portion of the duck carpaccio.  All three of the appetizers were delicious.   For a main course, we both had agnolotti that was stuffed with porchetta.  Yummmmmy!!

Now I could run through the menu in great detail, but the service and the ambiance of the Union Square Cafe is unique in NYC.  It’s like coming home and we are delighted that they continue to honor the traditions of fine dining.

If you do happen to dine at USC, make sure that you get on their mailing list since their quarterly newsletter is better and more informative than most food magazines.    On August 27th,  Thérèse and I will be dining at El Maiolino, another Danny Meyer restaurant, to celebrate our Anniversary.  We want to thank Dan and Miranda for their gift certificate and recommendation to order the suckling pig for two.


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