Surprise: Roast Beast It Is!

In a surprise development, the Therese let slip that Roast Beast will be served on Christmas Day!  This is only the second time in close to 20 years that standing prime rib will make a welcome return visit to the May dining table on Christmas Day.  This is clearly a major setback for vegetarians, vegans, health-addicts, dietitians and those concerned with global warming, but certainly a welcome victory for the few remaining carnivores.

2009 Gourmay Meat Selections

It is not surprising that pork (anyway) made such a strong showing and I am delighted to confirm that  Dan “Pit Bull” Broderick will be treating arriving guests to Jamie Oliver’s slow-cooked pork on December 23rd.  Everyone is sure to be in hog heaven.

Standing Prime Rib RoastStanding rib roast and Yorkshire pudding will be served on Christmas Day.  The raging debate this week is whether we will do 5 or 6 ribs.  I now have it on good authority that the Therese has opted for 6 ribs, so we should have plenty of leftovers.  Of more interest to beef-lovers everywhere is that this lovely beast will be heavily seasoned with that great Indian spice, Fenugreek.    The Therese was first exposed to fenugreek by my mother and, quite frankly, prime rib is simply not prime rib without the liberal application of this unusually aromatic herb which accentuates the flavor of practically all meats.

Therese was consulting today with The Dish on side dishes and it appears almost certain that roast potatoes will be featured.  It is also likely that Brussels sprouts will make an appearance, but there is still some debate on how it will be prepared.  In any event, I don’t think anyone will go away from the table hungry.  The wine pairing is expected to be something quite memorable as Top Sommelier Dan “Pit Bull” Broderick will be contributing some elegant and hard-to-find wines from a much sought-after vintner.

He himself is so looking forward to carve the Roast Beast.

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