Public Good equals Public Played: I Need a Sabbatical

New Year's Resolution

Pressured by Thérèse, I have decided to take a 3-month sabbatical as my New Year’s Resolution.     During this time, I plan to complete my first children’s book:  “The Talking Squirrel Chronicles.”    (Editor’s Note:  Actually the book is for adults who wish they could once again see the world through a child’s eyes.)

I came to the realization that I needed to take some off after reading this dreadful self-serving dribble from one of the New York Time’s leading Op-Ed columnists,  Charles Blow.   The column is called “Greeting the New Year”  and I quote briefly below:

So this year, these are my (sic Charles Blow) resolutions:

1. To stop treating politicians like sports stars, political parties like teams and our national debate like sport.

Politics is not a game. There are real lives hanging in the balance of the decisions made — or not made — by those in power. Often, those with the most to lose as a result of a poor policy move are the most vulnerable and most marginalized. Those folks need a voice, and I will endeavor to be that voice.

2. To force politicians to remember, with as much force and fervor as my pen can muster, that they are servants, not rulers.

A democracy is a government by the people, for the people. Politicians too often bend in the presence of power. They believe that it is they who possess power, rather than the people who elected them. And power and money are kissing cousins; you will rarely find one not cozied up to the other. Money is corruptive, and power addictive. Together they work against the greater good. That cannot stand.

With all due respect Mr. Blow, what have you been doing before you became “enlightened?”   Furthermore, why do you need to make a New Year’s resolution promising not to be stupid and for sharing that stupidity on a regular basis with New York Times’ readers.  I suspect that if you intend to follow your resolution to the bitter end, your employment with the Times will be terminated soon.

When politicians and media spokespeople preface their remarks by speaking on behalf of “the American people,” or “the public” or just plain “folks,”  just grab your family and wallet because you are being played.  Mind you, this is not simply a “made in U.S.A.”  phenomena.  In fact, one disgusted  Gourmay reader sent me a delightful new regulation in Spain in defense of “the tourists.”   In effect, individual renters may no longer rent their homes to “protect tourists”  who need the comforts and high prices of regulated hotels.    Please, spare me the hypocrisy.

Maybe I have my blinders on, but just because you are registered Republican or Democrat doesn’t mean that you have to turn your brain off.  Sadly, the liberal media has been playing the “just a little bit pregnant” card far too often to coddle favor with an administration whose credibility is sinking faster than Alex Rodriguez and Kim Kardashian.

Where is the public outrage when it comes to defending an individual’s rights as evidenced  in the Bradley Manning trial and the excesses of the NSA which clearly vindicate Edward Snowden decision to shed some light on Big Brother’s questionable behavior?   I suspect that most Americans simply prefer to see the world through the rose-colored glasses supplied by Party hacks.

In any event,  I’ll leave those “large” questions to someone who actually gives a fig.  I am into writing children’s books for the reason that most adults tend to be a big disappointment to children as they grow older.

Happy 2014 and look forward to seeing you again in April when I can play golf again.

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