How to Peel Garlic

Taleggio Langston has shared his technique to peel garlic.  Actually, Martha got a head-start on the process, but  Gourmay readers are grateful to Langston for sharing his outstanding culinary abilities with our  Gringo readers.

P.S.  It’s amazing the skills you can pick up in prison for trading securities based on  Inside Information.  Women go to prison, but guys like Cohen buy a plea bargain for $1.8 billion.   Ummm….



  1. Tom Conigliaro says:

    Great tip
    I use the microwave(10 secs),i feeel it makes the garlic more pungent,but don’t over due the time because you will burn your fingers for sure!!

  2. Nice Tom. I knew you were a high-tech guy and not someone who walks around with stinky fingers for a couple of days.

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