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I am often singled out by close family as being a “grumpy old man” when it comes to politics.  I’ll admit that I find Russell Brand’s compelling argument “Not to Vote” in line with my current thinking about politics, but I am concerned that it demonstrates more cowardice than conviction. (Editor’s Note: Also, I will admit that I still listen to DWM (“Dead White Men”) music even though iTunes continues to tempt me with promotions of pop or rap artists I have never heard of before.)

In any event, I was thrilled to learn that Lawrence Lessig, the Harvard professor and democratic theorist, might run for president as a Democrat. According to the recently published New York Times article, Mr. Lessig’s goal is to restore ownership of our government to the people.   His central point – and one I fully agree with – is described in more detail in the short TED Talk  Video further below:

“The reason I’ve been driven to this is the constant ’emperor wears no clothes’ feeling about this election,” said Mr. Lessig, who will also campaign against gerrymandering and restrictive voting laws. “We need a plan for unrigging the system first, and none of them have given us that plan.”

He added: “You want to rail against Wall Street, as O’Malley does or Bernie Sanders does? Great” But, he continued, “unless you fix the way we fund campaigns, we’re not going to take on the largest funder of congressional campaigns in America.”

While Mr. Lessig political beliefs may be a bit too liberal for some readers of Gourmay, his articulate analysis of how corruption has a stranglehold on our political “process” certainly resonates with me. Unless we can break the Gordian Knot of partisan political corruption, it is unlikely that true representative democracy will emerge from this morass of hypocrisy.

Thank you Mr. Lessig for saying what needs to be said. I guess the question is: Is anyone listening?

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