Carolina Gold Rice and Anson Mills

I think it is certainly clear that a “food revolution” is now underway in the United States as more people begin to consider the authenticity of the food they ingest.  I think this is a good thing, although the major conglomerates – aided and abetted by our totally corrupt government – seem to believe that “real”  food and healthy consumers would have a detrimental impact on the bottom line of corporate America.    Let’s face it, you know something wrong in D.C.  if pizza is a vegetable and therefore suitable for school lunches.

We have had the good fortune of living in countries where people cared about the food they ate.  Granted, there often wasn’t much to eat, but the citizens of these countries had the good sense to eat what was in season (lower prices) and seemed to achieve a healthy diet based on feeding the body what it actually needed rather than what it artificially craved.  I credit Thérèse for being a step ahead of the game when it comes to shopping for fresh organic vegetables and fruits in many markets around the world.

I mentioned earlier that we are watching this delightful program on PBS called “Mind of a Chef” which features Sean Brock of Husk restaurant in South Carolina.    In one delightful segment, Sean discusses the history of pre-industrial grains which has led Anson Mills to recapture the taste and authenticity of Carolina Gold Rice.  Found below is an excerpt of that segment narrated by Anthony Bourdain:

Now I don’t know about you, but the taste of heirloom grains and food products in general is something that truly connects one to the land and rewards those seekers of non-engineered foods with authentic tastes that are as meaningful today as they were during the times of our grandparents.

Why settle for food produced in laboratories when you can purchase the real deal from Anson Mills? This is certainly a cause I can support.


  1. Thomas Conigliaro says:

    Unfortuantely,”successful vegtables that are ultimately brought to market from the new varieties are rated by their shelf life,attractiveness,ease of picking,etc with taste being very low on the desireability index.

  2. David Pinson says:

    After reading your article I ordered blue corn grits, coarse yellow cornmeal, Carolina rice, white corn grits and oatmeal. In dinking around their website, I discovered a recipe for an Oatmeal cake that looks very interesting and sounds delicious. I plan on making it this weekend as my delivery was just recieved at the front desk. Anson Mills provides product to Blackberry Farms Resort in Tennessee. Check out their website and look at their suppliers of local and specialty produce in the restaurant menus. Benton Bacon and hams are used extensively. Wine list is incredible.

  3. Cool David. Looking forward to your report. I am definitely looking forward to a visit to Blackberry Farms Resort in TN. Doesn’t Kit Kat live in TN and why hasn’t she told us about this place? Maybe we should go to culinary school together.

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