Brexit: A Humorous Perspective

I don’t have a vote in Thursday’s referendum on whether the UK will leave the European Union, but I wish I did.  Sadly, our Revolutionary forefathers decided to breakup with England in the traditional “American way” with guns and violence.  In fact, our bold Colonial behavior was not even protected by the Second Amendment.

Fortunately, our Revolutionaries didn’t need assault weapons to deal with the over-matched Red Coats.

I don’t have a dog in this fight (actually dogfighting is illegal – suggesting that U.S. dogs are better protected by our government than its people). Nevertheless, I am glad to see that the Brits haven’t lost their sense of humor despite an appalling act of violence against one Labor MP. Fortunately, English thugs tend to confine their anti-social behavior to the football pitch.

As the Brexit referendum and U.S. primaries suggest: Democracy is somewhat overrated – i.e the governing establishment doesn’t like it. Hopefully, common sense will prevail, but they don’t teach common sense or cursive writing in U.S. schools anymore. Viva la Revolución!

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