The Blueberry Muffin in Cedarville, MA

Thanks to the kindness of Dan and Miranda – and their need for a baby-sitter and cook – we were invited to spend a brief holiday with them on the coast in Massachusetts.   Miranda managed to locate a delightful house “on the shore” in Cedarville, MA which is just this side of Cape Cod and about 15 miles south of Plymouth.    The rental came with detailed instructions not to talk to the next door neighbor who appears to have a serious personality disorder and his house has more video surveillance cameras than NSA’s headquarters in Ft. Meade, MD.  Corinne (our 3-year old granddaughter)  and I took turns throwing marshmallows on his deck to see if the old grump would make an appearance.  He didn’t.

I was thrilled to visit Plymouth and Sciatute (about 30 miles south of Boston) where some of Sheila’s distant relatives landed in the 17th Century.  (Editor’s Note:  My own Irish relatives apparently slipped in illegally across the Canadian border, but in those days nobody really cared unless you happened to be an American Indian).

We did make the mandatory pilgrimage to Plymouth Rock (two-thirds of which is under water), but were not surprised to discover that this Plymouth Rock was not actually named THE Plymouth Rock until one hundred years after the Pilgrims actually landed.    What I did find interesting is that they have a small plaque erected to the American Indians, who have been congregating on Thanksgiving since 1970 to protest the arrival of the Pilgrims.   (Editor’s Note: Several elderly fellows dressed up in Pilgrim outfits were walking around carrying placards which read “Redskins:  Quit Protesting and Go Back to Your Casinos).

We had a lovely time with our granddaughter and I managed to teach her a few bad habits that she will undoubtedly find useful as she grows older. One of the highlights of our trip was a visit to The Blueberry Muffin which is located in Cedarville, MA about 15 miles south of Plymouth on Route 3A or the Pilgrim’s Road.

As you might suspect, the Blueberry Muffin was out of this world and they even sliced it in half and toasted it with butter for those with serious eating disorders.  More importantly, everything on the menu looked great:

  • I settled for Southern Comfort which consists of two eggs (any style) with two buttermilk biscuits covered in homemade sausage gravy.  Two pieces of sausage and home fries.   It was delicious.
  • Therese opted for Crabby Paddy Benedict which consists of two Maryland crab cakes topped with two poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce served with home fries.

The pancakes were huge (bigger that the plate) and you could also order their Texas chocolate doughnut which measured about 10 inches in diameter and is said to represent 5 normal doughnuts.

We are thankful that we don’t live close since everyone in the restaurant was overweight – read obese.  In any event, The Blueberry Muffin is recommended to those who want to have an authentic American breakfast.  Once in a lifetime is enough if you value your heart and waistline.

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