A Night at the Vienna Opera

As readers of Gourmay are aware, there are few thing more enjoyable than a night at the Opera.  (Editor’s Note: Langston still insists that a night at the Ft. Worth Rodeo is far superior, but his exposure to “real” Opera was listening to  a 4-hour Wagner Opera without subtitles.  As such, I can empathize.)  “Drama Queen” Abigail had arranged for two lovely seats in the 5th row of the orchestra at Vienna’s famed Opera House (Wiener Staatsoper) to see Jules Massenet’s Manon.

Thérèse and I still vividly recall seeing a riveting performance of Mozart’s Don Giovanni some 37 years ago in this same Opera House.  As such, you can imagine our surprise and delight when we opened the program and saw that famed tenor, Roberto Alagna was playing the lead role.  Found below (with German subtitles for Langston) is Roberto Alagna, now a reluctant cleric bemoaning the fact that he can’t get over his love for Manon.   This signature aria in Manon brought many “bravos” – including my own – and we were thrilled to witness this great artist at the height of his considerable vocal and acting talent.  Enjoy.

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